Call for sessions

Call for sessions

The conference theme is “Myths and realities of the Nordic welfare state”.

We invite conference participants to engage in a conversation about the myths and realities of the Nordic welfare state, asking questions such as: Are the Nordic countries truly the feminist paradise they are often depicted as? Are health inequalities really the least pronounced in the Nordic countries? Are Nordic societies inclusive to all immigrants? This broad theme intersects all areas of sociological concern, including inequality, gender, migration, health, crime, the environment, education, religion, politics, culture, or the economy. Our goal is to host an inspiring conference where scholars can both describe Nordic realities but also critically examine myths of Nordic excellence.  


We are pleased to invite proposals for sessions within the theme of the conference or other themes of sociological interest.

Session proposals should include the following information:


Title of session

  • Session organizer(s): name, affiliation, e-mail address
  • A description of the topic of the session (not exceeding 500 words)
  • Type of session: Paper presentations; Roundtable, Workshop, Poster presentations
  • Selection of papers (organizer enjoy full liberty concerning whether/how to apply peer review of paper proposals)
  • Number of sessions (assuming 4 contributions in each session as the ideal)
  • The deadline for proposals for sessions is 15th of January 2022.

The organising committee will review the proposals and the decisions will be announced thereafter.

Important dates for sessions

8 November 2021
Open for Call for sessions

15 January 2022
Deadline for sessions

1 February 2022
Decisions on sessions

15 March 2022
Deadline for abstract submission

15 April 2022
The review process is completed

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